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Published on July 31st, 2011 | by Peter Ekström


My new Vajda Orca Surfski

I’m so excited … Just got my brand new surfski and this is how it looks … It is a Vajda Orca built in Kevlar with carbon fiber reinforcements at the rudder, the bow and bailer. What a beautiful surfski!



Do you want one?

 If you live in Sweden, contact Christian Dietz at Bootshaus. Otherwise you will find more information on Vajda’s website.

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11 Responses to My new Vajda Orca Surfski

  1. Klaus Eberhard Ludwig von Himmlisch says:

    Dear Kayak Enthusiast , thanks for pictures. I however ,would like a photo/s from the top/front so I can see the other side of the footrest/steering unit.I want to see the way it operates. If its easy adjust system or slow/old fashion type with screws.Also is it a 3 point secure system. Please check the way Epic V12 system works. Also , I like the Epic V12 venturi bailer system !! Also on the last photo , there appears to be a recess right in the crotch area , what is this. I mean in the photo right of the close up photo of the footrest/steering unit . So you show me close up of footrest from back , lets see photo/s from front , perhaps direct from top/above. I would also like to see a hood designed that completely covers feet , as Stellar added. It is removable. Epic also has a removable hood but it does not extend far back enough to really give great foot protection.I need this for winter paddling , from wind/water spray chilling factor. The closing venturi of Epic is also an asset !! Hope to hear from you , prost , klaus

  2. Chris says:

    Hey thanks great pics… love to know the process you went through in choosing this ski … given there are thousands to choose from .. thanks

    • Peter Ekström says:


      I am a tall guy, I am 196 cm and rather heavy with my 106 kg. So there are not so many skis left when you start exploring the surfski brands and models of the world.
      I have previosly owned a Epic V12, a Fenn Mako6, a Zedtech Dominator and a Fusion surfski from Nordic Kayaks. I almost bought a Nelo Vintage, big enough for me, but way to tippy.

      The Epic V12 was a little to small for me when it came to the leg lenght… The Fenn was a superb ski, I didnt like the Zedtech that much, it was tippy and I found the steering too nervous. It was so direct that you almost fell out from the ski when pushing the steering pedal. I loved the Fusion… The most comfortable ski I have ever paddled, and really a beautiful creature…

      There are two more skis I really like, the Red7 Pro70, and finally the Stellar Elite Low Volume (SEL). Oh, I almost forgot! I went out paddling in a Epic V8 a couple of weeks ago – wow, what a ski… The V8 must be the “No1 allround surfski” in the world! I loved it! I think I will chose the V8 when I turn 50, that would be in 2114.

  3. Ola says:

    So Vajda won at the end…
    …do you fit the seat and still can rotate hips?
    …does it really weigh 8 kg as it says at homepage?

    • Peter Ekström says:

      Yes, I fit in the seat… No problem at all. I think it is a tiny bit wider than the V10, and it really feels like a nice ski with superb comfort. I guess my ski is 9,5 kg, and I think it is needed, if they went lighter the hull of the ski wouldnt be stiff anymore… Se you in Varberg Ola!

  4. Steve says:

    I’m beginning to see a familiar theme with this ski: It fits BIG people very well.Also sounds like the leg drive is quite good in this design.Will be interesting to see what you think of its flat water top speed compared to the V12.Please give us a full report when you have had more time in the boat.Beautiful ski! Thanks for the excellent photographs.

  5. Mark McKenzie says:

    Beautiful ski! You say the seat is a bit wider than the V10. How would you compare the seat to the V12? Also curious as to the stability level, surfing ability, ease of remount, and speed in comparison to the V12 (I’ve paddled a V12 for over a year now)? I like the V12’s secondary stability but its quite a twitchy ski and seems to dance around a lot, so I’m hoping to find something with a little more stability and better surfing feel.
    Thanks for the great website!

    • Stuart Harrington says:

      Hi Mark, I have seen in a couple of forums that you own a Nelo Vintage Surf Ski. I am wanting to get rid of my Epic V10 and was thinking about the Nelo Vintage but worried about the stability. I dont want to go to something more unstable. I used to own a Think UNO and like the seat position and volume of the boat and was hoping the Nelo would be similar but more stable. I am only 70kgs so wanting a smaller volume ski with good seat position.

      Any advice?


      • Mark McKenzie says:

        Sorry, just saw your post so you may already have your answer.
        The short answer is that the Nelo Vintage is less stable than a V10 or V12. I’ve not paddled an Uno, but I seriously doubt the Nelo is more stable.
        That said, the Nelo has a superbe paddling position and I find it faster than say a V12 in my average hands. It also surfs pretty well once you get used to it. Unlike the V12/V10, it’s not twitchy at all and the primary stability is decent. The secondary however is less than any of the other skis I’ve owned. My biggest issue with the Nelo was that the footplate did not extend to the floor of the footwell, rather it ended some 3-4cm from it, so there was a gap and my heels had no contact point, making the ski even less stable. Nelo custom made me a full length plate and it made a world of difference for me. I do find it more difficult to remount than other skis I’ve owned mostly b/c of the lack of secondary stability and also b/c your backside doesn’t automatically slide into the bucket (I suspect due to the angled back end of the bucket and the very shallow hump). The rudder lines also slip a bit at the pedals but I found that a zip tie behind the pedal fixed that. My understanding is that Nelo is updating the design slightly for 2012 and maybe they’re addressing some of this?? I’d be interested to try an updated one for comparison b/c even though it has a lot of little issues, I really really like the ski. Hope this helps.


  6. Carlos Liltved says:

    Hi I live in Camps Bay, Cape Town … experienced paddler 2.0m tall – 98kg.
    My Fenn Millenium is 12 years old now and getting leaky through the skin.
    Any suggestions for a new ski with good leg length?
    Regards Carlos

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