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Italy Alexa Cole

Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Peter Svensson


Results Ohana Mana Cup 2012

The surfski race Ohana Mana Cup in Sardinia was held last weekend. Instead of a 38 km downwind race it became a 21 km surfski race on a triangular course that were paddled three laps. The race organization was somewhat chaotic and there was three false starts. Jasper Mocke was the one who managed the conditions and the false starts best this time. Simon Van Gysen was ill the day before the race and he did a great race finished second, just 44 seconds after Jasper. Aussie Dane Sloss showed once again that he is a good surfski paddler and finished in third position.

Alexa Cole from SA won the women’s race almost five minutes in front of the young French upcoming paddler Angie Mouden followed by Chloe Bunnett from the UK.

I will sum up my point of view from the race during the next coming days.

Jasper Mocke was victorius and finished first!

Alexa Cole won the women’s race in 1.56.32

Country Name Category Canoe Brand Time
1 South Africa
Jasper Mocke Open SS1 Fenn 1.36,30
2 South Africa
SimonVan Gysen open SS1 Allwave 1.37,14
3 Australia
Dane Sloss Open SS1 Allwave 1.39,14
4 South Africa
Scott Rutherfoord Open SS1 Fenn 1.42,50
5 France
Le Roux Benoit Open SS1 Okrea 1.43,28
6 Spain FedericoVega Suarez Open SS1 Epic 1.44,48
7 Germany
Harbrecht Gordan Master SS1 Epic 1.44,59
8 South Africa
Dominic Notten Open SS1 Fenn 1.45,41
9 South Africa
Craig Flanagan Under 23 SS1 Allwave 1.45,48
10 Spain
Luis Amado Perez Blanco Under 23 SS1 Epic 1.46,10
11 Germany
Thomas Zachert Master SS1 Fenn 1.46,38
12 Sweden Tommy Karls Master SS1 Fenn 1.47,26
13 France Roland Lebeau Master SS1 Fenn 1.48,06
14 Germany Michael Dobler Master SS1 Fenn 1.48,06
15 Australia Mark Minchin Open SS1 Fenn 1.48,50
16 Australia
Billy Bain Under 23 SS1 Fenn 1.49,05
17 Spain Daniel Sanchez Viloria Open SS1 Fenn 1.49,30
18 Italy Mariano Bifano Open SS1 Allwave 1.49,42
19 Germany Steffen Burkhardt Master SS1 Epic 1.50,13
20 Italy
Paolo Sfamani Open SS2 Fenn 1.50,21
Daniele Scarpa Open SS2 Fenn 1,50,21
21 Spain Jose Antonio Giron Gonzalez Master SS1 Epic 1,50,28
22 Sweden Paul Rosenquist Open SS1 Epic 1,50,35
23 Spain Agustin Ordones Blanco Open SS1 Fenn 1.52,02
24 Iran
Reza Nasiri Open SS1 Allwave 1.52,10
25 France Paul Eyquem Master SS1 Fenn 1.52,32
26 Czech Republic Tomas Slovak Open SS1 Vajda 1.52.32
27 Germany Robert Ernst Master SS1 Fenn 1.52,36
28 Germany
Jan Burgdorf Open SS1 Fenn 1.53,30
29 France Valentin Henot Open SS1 Fenn 1.54,07
30 Spain Ignacio Soler Fabre Under 23 SS1 Epic 1.55,46
31 Sweden
Ola Strom Open SS1 Vajda 1.56,11
32 France Didier Vavasseur Master SS1 Epic 1.56,23
33 South Africa
Alexa Cole Open SS1 Allwave 1.56,32
34 Hungary
Kristòf Làgler Under 23 SS1 Epic 1.56,58
35 Brasil
Josè Marcos mandes Filho Open SS1 Vajda 1.57,48
36 Germany
Eberhard Joachim Open SS1 Fenn 1.57,55
37 Sweden
Johan Skarskog Master SS1 Fenn 1.58,03
38 Hungary
Sebestyén Makàry Under 23 SS1 Epic 1.58,38
39 RAS (Sardinia)
Alessandro Gaudino Open SS1 Red 7 1.58,47
40 Holland
Emiel Beukenkamp Master SS1 Epic 1.59,28
41 Spain Juan Carlos Sanchez Costas Master SS1 Epic 1.59,34
42 Slovakia
Martin Vajda Under 23 SS1 Vajda 1.59,55
43 Hungary
Heinez Sandor Master SS1 Pornyeszi 2.00,08
44 Czech Republic
Jonatàn Sramek Under 23 SS1 Vajda 2.00,21
45 Hungary
Adam Schmuck Open SS2 Epic 2.00,34
46 Hungary
Nej Zsolt Open SS2 Epic 2.00,34
47 France Michael Fargier Open SS1 Nelo 2.01,04
48 France
Angie Mouden Open SS1 Okrea 2.01,09
49 Hungary
Gabor Varga Open SS1 Epic 2.02,08
50 Sweden
Jacob Holst Open SS1 Think 2.03,06
51 UK Chloe Bunnett Open SS1 Epic 2.04,28
52 Hungary
Robert Mussinger Master SS1 Epic 2.05,51
53 Romania
Rajmund Milan Molnar Open SS1 Pornyeszi 2.07,25
54 Italy
Elisabetta Bassanelli Open VR2 Allwave 2.09,20
Gianni Montagner Open VR2 Allwave 2.09,20
55 Italy
Maurizio Tognacci Master SS1 Fenn 2.09,21
56 Italy
Davide Guidi Open VR2 Allwave 2.09,27
Daniele Dickmann Open VR2 Allwave 2.09,27
57 Slovakia
Marcel Vajda Open SS1 Vajda 2.09,45
58 South Africa
Mario Graziani Master SS1 Fenn 2.09,52
59 Italy
Niccolò Polesello Open SS1 Vajda 2.10,28
60 South Africa Ian Russell Master SS1 Fenn 2.10,52
61 Hungary
Tamàs Petri Open SS1 Epic 2.10,57
62 Venezuela
Josè Silvanava Open SS1 2.12,30
63 Venezuela
Luis Villalba Master SS1 Fenn 2.12,45
64 Italy
Marco Urbinati Open SS1 Allwave 2.13,18
65 South Africa Clive Harpur Master SS1 Epic 2.14,42
66 RAS
Michele Crisi Master SS1 Fiberglass 2.15,13
67 Venezuela
Joel Gonzàlez Open SS1 Fenn 2.16,11
68 Italy
Idelfonso Cosenza Master SS1 2.16,41
69 Italy Luca Raspanti Master SS1 Fiberglass 2.17,07
70 France Fabien Roche Master SS1 Okrea 2.18,59
71 RAS Gianluca Basciu Master SS1 Fiberglass 2.22,11
72 Venezuela
Edgar Lòpez Master SS1 Fenn 2.23,21
73 Italy
Giuliano Remelli Master SS1 Fiberglass 2.23,31
74 RAS
Francesco Sirimarco Open SS2 Fenn 2.24,07
Telemaco Murgia Open SS2 Fenn 2.24,07
75 Italy Giancarlo Miolla Master Vr1 Allwave 2.25,44
76 Venezuela
Carlos Torres Open SS1 Fenn 2.25,49
77 RAS Tatiana Carzedda Open SS1 Fiberglass 2.27,19
78 France Eric Dupont Master SS1 Fenn 2.27,45
79 Italy Luca Barnaba Open Vr1 Esox 2.27,58
80 RAS Peter Mias Master Vr1 Allwave 2.30,07
81 RAS Eugenio Conti Master Vr1 Allwave 2.30,21
82 Italy
Giuliano Raspante Open Vr1 Allwave 2.35,21
83 Italy Jacopo Colombi Open VR2 Allwave 2.46,51
Italy Jennifer Ortebah Open VR2 Allwave 2.46,51

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