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Published on May 15th, 2013 | by Peter Svensson


First test of the Vajda Hawx Elite

Tomas Slovak in Vajda hawx elite

Tomas Slovak in a Hawx during The Ohana Mana Cup in Sardina last year

During the Surfski Spring Camp a couple of weeks ago I tested the Hawx Elite from Vajda for the first time. I tried it on two sessions and I must say that I really liked it from the start. The Hawx felt much more stable than I expected. I could almost put 100% of my power into my forward stroke straight away without feeling to unstable in the Hawx. When I have tried other elite level surfskis before I have felt a lot more insecure and less confident due to the lower initial stability. During the test paddling it was completely flat conditions but I’m perfectly confident that I will feel secure in most conditions in a relativly short period of time.

kolaz green

First impressions of the Vajda Hawx

  • Stable to be an elite level surfski
  • Fast
  • Good sit comfort, very good actually
  • Good paddling ergonomics with a narrow catch
  • Reliable Andersen bailer (as an option)
  • Easy to manouver and adjust pedals

bow rudder bailer

As a flat water surfski this would be a perfect choice to me at the moment. It’s in these conditions I have tried it so far. Maybe it is perfect for the smaller conditions we have most of the time in Sweden? I almost pulled the trigger but I’m curious how it acts during downwind paddling in bigger conditions . Will the somewhat flat bottom make it more sensitive and twist in bigger waves? It’s definitely good value for the money and if I found out that it acts good in waves it will be really interesting to me when I’m stepping up to the elite level surfskis.

Specs for the Vajda Hawx Elite

  • Length: 643,5 cm
  • Width: 43,5 cm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg (25 lbs) (Hawx Racing 15 kg and Hawx Elite Pro 9,5 kg)


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3 Responses to First test of the Vajda Hawx Elite

  1. Peter,
    Nice review. Your impressions are very similar to everyone who tries the Hawx, and much like my own. It is very fast while being quite stable for a high performance surfski. I will tell you that I have been paddling the Vajda Hawx for a year in a variety of conditions and that in small to moderate ocean conditions is great: no tendency to broach (twist) on waves, and very easy to connect runs together. You should pull the trigger, you will not be disappointed!

  2. Pauli says:

    Är du ff sugen? Den går hur fin som helst när man har lärd sig den i downwind. Har snittat över 15 på norra 1 timmes downwinds. Båda branta stora o mer moderate. Släpper den för 26tkr…OBS 9,99kg.

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