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Reviews The new epic V10 Sport in Portugal

Published on July 20th, 2013 | by Peter Svensson


First test of the New Epic V10 Sport

I have tested the new V10 Sport from Epic kayaks. The version I tested was the performance lay-up. I did a 5 km paddle in really calm conditions during the world champs week in Portugal. At first I was amazed over my crusing speed until I realized that the current was pretty strong at the moment. 🙂 The new V10 sport differ some to the old version. The most obvious difference is the new effecient bailer, the handles in the bow and the stern for easier handling on land. The new Epic V10 Sport targeted group is the intermediate paddlers and I think it fit perfectly to that group. I’m a Swedish intermediate surfski paddler, 178 cm tall, long legged and my weight is 75 kg.

The new epic V10 Sport in Portugal

The new Epic V10 Sport in Portugal

My impressions of the New Epic V10 Sport? I could sense an initial instability the first minute before I got used to it. According to Boyan at Epic Kayaks it was due to the lower hump and that I can could use my leg drive more. The movement from my legs affected therefore the stability but I got used to it straight away. I found it easy to put full power into my stroke without losing stability. The secondary stability is really good and comes in quickly but I assume complete beginners will find it tippy in rough conditions. I like a snug fit and thight sit position and the bucket is a little wide to me. The sides of the bucket are low which helps when remounting.  I have some concerns that the low sides also will flood the cockpit easier but the super efficient bailer will empty the cockpit within seconds.

Who will choose the new Epic V10 Sport? My guess is the Epic V8 (or similar) paddlers who wants something faster and for experienced sea kayakers and adventure racers who wants their first surfski. It would also be a great second surfski for more advanced paddlers who wants to be able to paddle in really rough and cold conditions. My recommendation for beginners is to choose a more stable surfski if your main focus is to paddle in rough conditions. Never forget the golden rule: Never sacrifice stability to speed. If you mostly will use the surfski for flat conditions I think the V10 Sport can be an option to grew into if you have had some paddling experience before.

The new v10 Sport is a typical Epic surfski. It is solid built, nice sit comfort but wide, great paddling ergonomics with deck cutaways, excellent new bailor, easy to remount and some nice features such as anchor point for the leash, changeable foot support with integrated cutaway for your drinking system and the handles in tge bow and the stern. The downside? For me most Epic surfskis are to wide in the bucket and I need some padding in the seat to have a perfect sit position. I would love to see them with smaller buckets. Epic has also the most expensive surfskis on the market. Is it worth the extra money? Since I am an intermediate paddler and already have a nice intermediate surfski I do not see the need of change to the Epic V10 sport. Instead I’m glancing at the elite models and the new Epic v10 will be more interesting to me but I would love to see the V10 in a low volyme version (the New Epic v10 L will hopefully come sometime during 2014). This was a first test and the overall impression is really good. The old version of Epic V10 Sport was a bestseller for Epic kayaks and I think the new version will continue to be a bestseller. I will hopefully be able to test it in real downwind conditions during the fall.. Then l can evaluate The New Epic V10 Sport even further and complete a full review.

The New V10 Sport specs

Club: 37 lbs / 16.8 kg
Performance: 34 lbs / 15.5 kg
Ultra: 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg
Elite: 23.5 lbs / 10.7 kg
Length: 20’ / 610 cm
Width: 18.9” / 48 cm
Depth: 13” / 33 cm
More info:
The New Epic V10 vs other surfskis to consider:
Epic V8, if you are a beginner
Fenn Swordfish, great downwind surfski for intermediate paddlers
Carbonology Vault, less initial stability but perfect for smaller paddlers
Nordic Kayaks Rapido 2.0, same targeted group as the Epic V10 Sport
Think Evo II, fast surfski for intermediate paddlers

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