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Published on January 18th, 2014 | by Peter Svensson


Jasper Mocke won the Doctor 2014

Jasper Mocke defended last year’s victory in the Doctor by winning 34 second ahead of his older brother Dawid. Ruth Highman had a comfortably win in the women’s class. (All photos are used with permisson from White Hot Media.)

The start of the Doctor 2014

The start of the Doctor 2014 (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)

The race started with Michael Booth and Jasper Mocke racing for the first hot spot. After the hot spot a group of three was formed by the Mocke brothers and Cory Hill. Dawid pushed hard. Halfway in the race he was in the leading position and  had a short gap to Jasper and Cory. But Jasper fought back and advanced to the lead which he kept to the finish at Sorrento beach.


Michael Booth finished in 4th place in a Fenn Spark (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)


Jasper is using the Spark in almost every race nowdays. (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)


It was a hard fight. Here is Cory Hill and Dawid Mocke. (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)


Dawid and Jasper Mocke (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)


Cory Hill 3rd, Jasper Mocke 1st, Dawid Mocke 2nd (photo: Greg Kitto, White Hot Media)

Jasper has started the World Surfski Series 2014 in the best possible way by winning the Doctor and the Mandurah Duel last weekend. What a week Jasper! The next race in the series will be the Defis Kayak Race in Guadeloupe, in April.

Top 10 Results in the Doctor 2014 – men

Position Name Time
1 Jasper Mocke 01:39:02
2 Dawid Mocke 01:39:36
3 Cory Hill 01:40:19
4 Michael Booth 01:40:43
5 Bruce Taylor 01:41:46
6 Reece Baker 01:42:36
7 Tom Norton 01:42:50
8 Jeremy Cotter 01:43:00
9 Dean Beament 01:43:05
10 Greg Tobin 01:43:09

Results in the Doctor 2014 – women

Position Name Time
1 Ruth Highman 02:01:29
2 Wendy Rentjes 02:09:32
3 Tracy Wilson 02:09:43
4 Kylie Broad 02:10:13
5 Lee Myatt 02:14:37
6 Linda Jackson 02:15:45
7 Tricia Gilbert 02:18:23
8 Julie Jenkinson 02:22:02
9 Mike Rae 02:22:36

For full results please visit Oceanpaddler.

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