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Published on August 15th, 2014 | by Peter Svensson


Who will win the European Championships 2014

Today is the race day in the European Ocean Racing Champs 2014. Without the surfski paddlers from Australia and South Africa it will be an interesting race in the hunt for the first european title. There are a number of paddlers that I think will have the chance to win and there are also some great sprint paddlers coming making it more interesting. It is hard to pick the top three but I guess Joep van Bakel, Daniel Viloria, Esteban Medina, Gordon Harbrecht and Laousse Yannick will be there fighting in the top

My top ten favourites for the European Ocean Racing Championship 2014 (but not in that particular order)

  • Alvaro Fiuza (Spa)
  • Kiko Vega (Spa)
  • Daniel Viloria Sanchez (Spa)
  • Walter Sanchez (Spa)
  • Esteban Medina (Spa)
  • Gordan Harbrecht (Ger)
  • Laousse Yannick (Fra)
  • Benoit Le Roux (Fra)
  • Joep van Bakel (Hol)
  • Tommy Karls (Swe)

In the women’s class it is easier to find a favourite. Angie Mouden from France has been really good and I can’t see anyone else threatening her for the top position. Here are my top four favourites

  • Angie Mouden (Fra)
  • Chloe Bunnett (Eng)
  • Carola Cordes (Ger)
  • Emma Levemyr (Swe)

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