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Published on August 18th, 2014 | by Peter Svensson


Sean Rice and Teneale Hatton in top of the US Champs

The seventh race in the World Surfski Series 2014, the US Surfski Championships was held in San Francisco on Saturday 16 August and the double race on Sunday 17 August. Sean Rice defended his title from last year with only seven seconds to Jasper Mocke. The very talented Teneale Hatton won the women’s race in her first US Surfski Champs.

us surfski champs race course 2014

The new course started at Muir Beach. Entering the bay at Pt Bonita. Under the Golden Gate bridge. Passing the mandatory bouy at Angel Island and then to the finish at Berkeley.

This year the US Surfski Champs had a new race course and the race became very fast. Sean had an average of over 17 km/h on the the 27 km race course. Sean wrote after the race:

“So happy to have been able to defend my US Surfski title today. The racing was extremely tight with only 7 second separating Jasper Mocke and myself after 1hr 33min and 27km of racing. That’s really close considering we both took drastically different courses. The beers will taste sweet as honey tonight!” – Sean Rice

 Teneale Hatton:

“… A very challenging course. A tight women’s field. I managed to take the win although Michelle Eray unfortunately had steering issues on the last turn which set her back after having a killer race. Put that race on your to-do list!” – Teneale Hatton

teneale hatton gold surfski us championships

Teneale Hattons gold medal and bib from the US Surfski Championships (Photo: Teneale Hatton)

Some of the younger paddlers impressed with really good results and showed that they have the future ahead of them. Ken Rice won the junior 15-19 category and finishing on the 6th place overall. Michael Booth from Australia, 23, finished 7th and Tom Norton also from Australia, 20, finished 9th.

Top 10 Results Men US Surfski Championships 2014

Pos Name Category Time
1 RICE, Sean Mens Open 20-39 1:33:31.5
2 MOCKE, Jasper Mens Open 20-39 1:33:38.9
3 ROBINSON, Clint Mens Masters 40-49 1:34:28.7
4 MOCKE, Dawid Mens Open 20-39 1:34:52.6
5 KIEFFER, Austin Mens Open 20-39 1:36:08.3
6 RICE, Ken Junior Boys- 15-19 1:36:30.8
7 BOOTH, Michael Mens Open 20-39 1:36:47.1
8 NORTON, Sam Mens Open 20-39 1:36:57.0
9 TOBIN, Greg Mens Open 20-39 1:37:34.4
10 NORTON, Tom Mens Open 20-39 1:37:55.4

For full results please visit Webscorer

Results Women US Surfski Championships 2014

Pos Name Category Time
1 HATTON, Teneale Women-Open 20-39 1:52:09.7
2 HOGAM, Maggie Women-Open 20-39 1:54:15.0
3 CSEKE, Beata Women-Open 20-39 1:55:58.8
4 PODOLAK, Kristen Women-Open 20-39 1:56:32.3
5 ERAY, Michele Women-Open 20-39 1:58:12.9
6 LAIRD, Georgia Women-Open 20-39 1:58:14.3
7 NELSON, Heather Women- Masters 40+ 1:59:31.5
8 JENSEN, Judy Women- Masters 40+ 2:04:38.7
9 WARREN, Linda Women- Masters 40+ 2:11:18.2
10 WATERMAN, Sarah Women-Open 20-39 2:25:22.7
11 DAVIS, Sarah Women- Masters 40+ 2:28:05.2

Results US Surfski Championships 2014 Doubles race

1. Dawid and Jasper Mocke 1:05:48 (first men)
2. Clint Robinson and Greg Barton `1:06:27
3. Sean and Kenny Rice 1:07:07
4. Sam and Tom Norton 1:07:36
5. Austin Kieffer and David Jacobson 1:08:33
6. Oscar Chalupsky and Pat Dolan 1:09:12
7. Dane Sloss and Tommy Woodriff1:09:41
8. Gilles and Julian 1:12:53
9. Michele Eray and Maggie Hogan 1:13:00 (first women)
10 Beata Cseke and Borys Markin 1:13:08 (first coed)
11. Patrick Hemmens and Sarah Waterman 1:14:41
12. Jon Sanborn and Zachary Handler 1:14:44
13. Harald Wattrus and Troy Wuttke 1:15:55
14. Dave and Judy Jensen 1:17:42
15. Medhdi Amini and Marlo Macheco 1:17:43
16. Team Kiko (Paul and Margaret) 1:19:38
17. Juan Lopez and Israel Pagan 1:19:44
18. Heather Davis and Kristen Podolak 1:21:20
19. Jim Wilkens and Kathy Wilder 1:33:54

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