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Published on November 26th, 2012 | by Peter Svensson


Report from ICF congress and info about the World Championships

Last week was the XXXIV ICF Ordinary Congress held in St. Petersburg, Russia 2012.

During the Congress the past year and the future of Ocean Racing within the ICF was discussed. Here is the Report from the Ocean Racing committee. Chairman in the Ocean Racing Committee is Mario Santos.

1. Meetings since last Board Meeting

  • All contacts made by phone and e-mail during this period.

2. Tasks undertaken for this period

  • Contacting all the ICF Ocean Racing World Series Organizers
  • Contacting several Federations and organizers of Ocean Racing.
  • Implementing the Rules of Ocean racing
  • The Committe will include Brendon Thompson from South Africa, Robbie Stewart from Australia. Nominated.

3. Issues and Main Points of Report

Ocean Racing 2012 – COMPETITIONS

  • In 2012 three races were held in collaboration with ICF. The Doctor in Perth – Australia, the Euro challenge in Alicante – Spain and Nelo Summer Challenge in Vila do Conde – Portugal.
  • The number of participants in the competitions held all over the World is increasing. In Australia some competitions reached more than 300 paddlers and the BRIDGE TO BEACH held in Sidney reached 421. In South Africa a bit less than 400 paddlers entered the Dunlop Surfski World Cup at Addington beach in 2011 and more than 400 are expected for 2012.
  • In Europe, where the surski was not used until a few years ago and progressively is replacing (in competition) the traditional sea kayaks. In Eurochallenge in Alicante and Nelo Summer Challenge the numbers of paddlers reach a bit less than 150.
  • In the USA the US Championships had 122 paddlers and in Asia for the Steelcase Dragon Run in Hong Kong more than 150 athletes are expected.


  • The 1st ICF Ocean Racing World Championships will be in Portugal on the 12-14 July 2013. The start of the World Championships will be the in Azurara Beach – Vila do Conde, 20 km from Oporto. It will be a downwind competition from point to point.
  • We wanted a place where proper conditions for a downwind race could be guaranteed. The wind (N – NW) always blows in the afternoon in that region. The Portuguese call it “Nortada”.
  • It will be the first time ever that the best Ocean Racing athletes can meet to define who the best in the world is. The WC will be held in a 3 day window period to guarantee that we get proper wind conditions for race day. Race day will be the day with most wind.
  • Minimum prize money of 20.000 Euros will be awarded to the best athletes.
  • Two classes will be allowed: SS1 and SS2. For this first edition of WC the SS2 class will be a test event.
  • The categories will be JUNIOR, U-23, Open and Masters (Female and Male). The first 30 athletes from the World Ranking will be directly qualified plus 2 athletes per each National federation.


  • The ICF will run for 2013 an Ocean Racing World Series with races in all continents.
  • The races taking part of the World Series will give points to the athletes. The best 30 athletes of the World Ranking will automatically earn a spot in the World Championships.
  • The National Federations and organizers will send proposals to take part in the OCEAN RACING WORLD SERIES to ICF.


  • New Ocean Racing Rules are to be approved in November.

4. Future Initiatives and Tasks

Ocean Racing

  • Review the Bidding Process for 2013/2015 World Series and World Championships Working close with Federations, organizers and athletes to improve the model and the World Series system.
  • Approve Ocean racing Rules and World Series point System.
  • Create a World Series system to include the events and points according to the organization, prize money, athletes and counties participating.
  • Implementing Continental Series
  • Include Ocean racing in the development programme considering that these boats are very easy to paddle, and in a lot of countries it ́s the easiest to for practice canoeing.


  • Keeping the Bidding process for the World Series open to include the Federations and organizers that want to bid an opportunity.
  • Keep the spirit of the discipline and the event organization according to Ocean Racing Rules and spirit and not a copy of other canoeing disciplines.
  • Ocean racing as a discipline included in the development program.

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    Aterra Wave Challenge and Super Wave Challenge is moved to 20-23/7
    More info here in december: http://www.aterra.se/wavechallenge/wavechallenge.html

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