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Published on March 4th, 2013 | by Peter Svensson


Invitation to the Surfski Spring Camp 2013


It is time to register to the Swedish Surfski Spring Camp 2013. It is held in Oskarshamn, on the 26th – 28th of April. Oskarshamn is located on the Swedish east coast 340 km south of Stockholm and 400 km north east of Copenhagen, Denmark. There will be some news compared to last year. The new organzier, Aterra, has slightly different approach. Oskarhamn offers better accomodation and also gives more opportunities to downwind courses. The camp is perfect for all levels of surfski paddlers, from beginner to elite as well as paddlers interested in multisport.

Anders Gustafsson from the Swedish national team in kayak racing is coming! He finished in fifth place (1 000 meter) during the olympics in London 2012 and won the European Championships (500 Meter) last year. It is time for us to speed up.  At the moment he is training in Australia during our winter season.


  • Clinics with Anders Gustafsson, paddling technique, multisport aswell as lectures.
  • Downwind paddling sessions
  • Wave technique with Leif Davidsson
  • Paddling technique with Anders Gustafsson / Evy Lantz
  • Re-entry courses with Karolina Silfverberg
  • Safety courses
  • How to choose the right surfski for you
  • Surfski Spring Race – The first surfski race for the season!
  • There will be a number of surfskis available to try from different manufactures:
  • – Carbonology
  • – Epic
  • – Knysna Genius
  • – Nelo
  • – Vajda
  • – Nordic Kayaks


Surfski Spring Camp: with  accomodation / camping
Friday to sunday  1 990 SEK / 1 590 SEK
Saturday to sunday 1590 SEK  / 1 290 SEK

Registration is open

Register here (There are only 60 spots available for the camp at the moment. Aterra is working on a solution to increase the availability. I will update the availablity here) The first 10 to register (marked in red) will have a chance to win a copy of Surfski with the pros by last years instructor Dawid Mocke .

Already registred

  1. Anders Gustafsson
  2. Sven Jansson
  3. Karolina Silfverberg
  4. Jeanie Sandquist
  5. Evy Lantz
  6. Peter Svensson, globalsurfski.com
  7. Erik Wallgren, Nomado
  8. Fredrik Lindström, Nordic Kayaks
  9. Christian Dietz, Bootshaus
  10. Leif Davidsson, Aterra
  11. Eva Egnell, Kajak Kalmarsund
  12. Peter Ekström
  13. Hans Kristian Stölen
  14. Oddbjörn Nilsen, Norway
  15. Patric Petersson
  16. Christina Holm
  17. Hans Strand
  18. Ola Ström
  19. Hanna Isaksson
  20. Peter Klasson
  21. Pedro Pontes
  22. Maciej Chwieros
  23. Anders Karlsson
  24. Johan Senbom
  25. Viktoria Willén
  26. Trent Victor
  27. Per Afrell
  28. Agneta Bergman Fredriksson
  29. Jacob Holst
  30. Oscar Celsing
  31. Theresia Uggla
  32. Sven Reiten
  33. Torbjörn Strand
  34. Patrik Nedar
  35. Stig Nygård
  36. Anders Ohlsson
  37. Susanne Ohlsson
  38. Niklas Lagesson

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7 Responses to Invitation to the Surfski Spring Camp 2013

  1. If I fly to the camp, how to do it?

  2. Mattias Thernström says:

    Talk to Rolli from åland if he has a ski

  3. It was noticed, I cant join to the camp…bad for me. I have some work responsibilities that time, can´t change. I joined the camp 2011 and I liked I lot. Have fun, I am sure you will do.

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