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Surfski carbonology sport vault

Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Peter Svensson


New models from Carbonology Sport?

Carbonology Sport (CS) have four official surfskis on their webpage; Zest, Vault and Atom plus the Racing double ski. I have tested all except the double. I like them a lot and CS build very nice skis with excellent quality. New models from CS are popping up every now and then. But I can’t find information about them. I think it must be hard to sell new skis if  potiential customers cant find information about the new products. The Pulse and the Switch are the latest models I have heard of. The Flash as well as the Cruze and the Blast (ss2) have also been produced for a while.

svenskar vmguld

Ola and Emma from Sweden in the Blast from Carbonology Sports, during the Ocean Racing World Championships in Portugal 2013

The Carbonology Sport line up:
(but I really do not know, this is not confirmed. Maybe Hein can confirm by making a comment here?)

  • Cruze
  • Zest
  • Vault
  • Switch
  • Pulse
  • Flash
  • Atom (out of production?)
  • Racing Double ski (out of production?)
  • Blast (ss2)

Carbonology Sport is not the only Surfski Manufacturer who are focusing more on building surfskis than updating their home pages. They are not alone. Quite a few other manufacturers are in the same situation. Maybe this could be a buisness idea for me? Updating surfski manufacturers web sites! Send me a mail!

Maybe I shouldn’t be the pot calling the kettle black. If I should spend all hours on the sea instead of blogging…

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7 Responses to New models from Carbonology Sport?

  1. You are so right! We as manufacturers often forget how important updating our websites are. From Carbonology-Sport’s side, introducing New to Europe this spring via Aterra in Sweden and Ut I Naturen in Norway, the following models.
    Cruze Ski and Cruze touring ski.
    Brand new Zest that we are working very hard on.
    New touring Zest.
    Pulse, my favorite ski! A small flash for small to medium size paddlers.
    Switch, replaces the Atom.
    CS2 and Blast Double is the same Ski and came 1st and 2nd again in the Cape Point Challenge.
    Keep a lookout for our updated website coming soon on http://www.carbonologysport.com

  2. aterrakayak says:

    Thanks Peter, its a problem not only in the surfskibranch. This is a problem for many manufactors. Specially when you are a pretty new company that grows rapidly as Carbonology have done. Anyway you can find more info about the skis above in the aterra webshop. http://webshop.aterra.se/
    Switch will replace Atom there are only one Atom left in stock here in Sweden.

  3. Thanks for the answer and the information, Hein and Leif. I’m glad to hear that an update is on the way and that you have a lot to do. I’m curious about your models and I’m especially looking forward to test the Pulse. I will update my post. Cheers, Peter

  4. Martin Gunda says:

    Peter, I have been a supporter of Carbonology for quite a few years and have quite a few of their boats. Needless to say I’m impressed with these boats and have followed their developments closely. The Switch is a very impressive boat. Don’t get me wrong, the two Atoms I have do have a place and I think they are still the fastest boat when the right surf conditions present themselves, and you are experienced enough to handle the stability. Perfect for us smaller slight paddlers. I have seen a growth of the double ski paddling and the two layups of this skis I have are great. I thoroughly enjoyed racing in the double. It is one fast boat.

  5. -p- says:

    Hi there Hein/Leif/Martin! 🙂

    FIRST) I have had a Vault. Very very nice in many ways. Totally awesome, at the time the only perfect balance between length and stability for me. But; I thought it was a bit to twitchy for me in some conditions; too much rocker for my taste. Or I will rather blame the stabilizing cms of extra width above the waterline behind the seat. Conclusions; I would like something going a bit straighter so to say. I don’t mind less of secondary stability as long as the boat is a bit more “the same all the time”.
    SECONDLY) I remember sitting a bit squeezed in both Atom and Flash – or is my memory bad and this was only applicable for one of them…

    Question ONE) Is Switch less twitchy, direction-wise (less rocker etc), than the Vault? (Probably so since the extra width behind the seat is gone, straight walls above waterline, right?)
    Question TWO) Is the seat as in a Vault or is it smaller in width (as Atom/Flash)?
    Question THREE) Am I too heavy with 85kgs, incl PDF and clothes, for the Switch?

    • Hi there, at 85kg I would recommend you try the Switch. I think you will find the cockpit to be the most comfortable seat you have used and we have had no negative feedback with seat width. The Pulse also has the New seat and the lower hump allows even short paddlers to get a really good leg drive. The stability in The Switch and the Pulse is really impressive for the speed. Enjoy testing them and we look forward to more comments.

  6. Luke says:

    Howzit Hein,

    Do I understand correctly, is there a new 2015 Zest being released? And if so, what will the main differences be from the old one? Touring Zest? – sounds interesting.

    I’m looking at moving up to an intermediate ski from a Fenn XT and currently considering my options. The Zest is on my list of three.

    Sorry for being impatient here. Suppose I should wait for your updated website but any info would be appreciated.


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